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Web Application Development in Chennai

Web Application Development in India, play a significant role in functioning of business and growth in the high-tech Online World. Web Application Frameworks is a set of program libraries, components and tools arranged in a manner system which allows developers to make and sustain complex web application.

A team of expert in Sanjay Technologies will Design and develop your website with more focus on innovative, modern concepts and deliver the website with high-quality that you desire in your business.

Web Application Lifecycle:
  • 1 Requirement Analysis
  • 3 Implementation
  • 5 Evolution
  • Design 2
  • Testing 4

Web Application Features

We Web Application Development Company India specialize in developing high-tech feature with user friendly web application. At Sanjay Technologies we explain each and every feature to the client and assist them to pick the right for the website. Ready to talk to our consultants and check out how we can create a web application development for your specific needs.

Our Web Application Specialities

  • Advanced Profile (customizable profile steps/fields)
  • Ability to embed HTML snippets (including Flash, Widgets, Media from other websites)
  • Registration Security Images (captcha)
  • E-mail confirmation routine
  • Photos, audio and video files upload
  • Search (profile keywords, site search, etc...)
  • Website Security & Privacy Controls
  • Great UI & Responsive Designs
  • SEO & Browser Friendly

Our Clients