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Things to Know Before Launching a Website

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  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Friday, March 02, 2018

Launching a redesigned or a brand new website is a thrilling experience that conveys a lot of expectations. This is your dream, that come true and you can't wait to go live and see the response of your customers, friends, colleague and family unit. In this article Sanjay Technologies is a leading Web Design Company in Chennai suggesting, Things to Know before Launching a Website. And let’s see what the things to consider are:

Avoid Feedback before Launching

Most of the people can easily fall into this problem, so it is very carefully for you. Before launching a website, getting feedback is not a good idea. The feedback you receive will makes you irritated at the time of development.

But it is not a huge matter for Web Development Company in Chennai or designers of the site to create any changes and adjustments. It tells you, how you see your website and how you'll move towards in the future. So don't worry. It is better to launch the website and get feedbacks from your friends circle and family unit, and get bad feedback from your newly launched website.

Social Media

Social media is an essential part of any website; nowadays it has become one of the most excellent sources of website traffic and driving business leads in online.

Confirm all your social media pages are created and linked to the website. Focus only on quality social media platform and open only the social media pages you can manage. Being a Web Development Company in India we always take part of Social media activities for driving the traffic.


Testing the website is the most important part; here functionality of your website will be tested completely without any error.

Although the developers and designers have many tools for testing, but there's always somewhat need of modification. So make sure that it is very important to find the issues after going live with your site.

Web Content

Confirm that you have enough content to include in your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing always like fresh content. Adding product content, blog post, and review will help your website with fresh content.

Make sure that your content should be valuable to your customers and you should speak about what you have and what you sell. Also sharing that content on social media will increase more visitors to your website. Google and other search engines will consider that you are providing fresh new content on those topics.

Calm Down and Enjoy

Everyone gets energized when they started an online business. And it is very usual to have high expectations, unless you have initiated with huge marketing promotion. Then you must know that it can take some time for initial traffic on your website. So just remember that it will happen and confirm you are ready for when you launch your website.


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