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Things Should Know Why Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites

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Mobile App Development in India
  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Nowadays, the mobile application market is growing higher. Many small and medium scale businesses are facing a problem, whether to use mobile application or website as platforms for launching and operating their business.

Companies that possess high turnovers can go for both mobile app and website channels, but for most organizations, committing resources to one makes more sense.

Obviously the choice based on the required features, target audience and cost usability. Moreover, there are some very good reasons to choose apps as your platform.

Sanjay Technologies are Mobile App Development in Chennai, suggesting why Mobile Apps Are Better than Mobile Websites and also helps to know 6 Errors You Should Avoid in UI Design.

User Choice

The previous year, the total number of app downloads has created record-breaking of 197 billion. These numbers show the volumes of how businesses use the apps as a channel for customer attraction and driving profit. And also Websites might be an effective tool for primary awareness and engagement.

Personalization Potential

One of the best reasons to go for apps is personalization ability. An application can use the mobile device’s to provide more customized, faster, and high user experience (UX). This is made possible by representation data on users’ interests, habits, location, usage patterns, etc.

A Dominant eCommerce Tool

In the eCommerce zone, mobile applications are playing a vital role and blowing websites out of the world.

It is estimated that they have higher conversion rates than mobile web, effortless environment, one-click checkouts and fast loading times. In total, more than 40% of users who download an eCommerce app make a purchase later.

Additional Features

Moreover, the Smartphone features that give mobile apps more advantage. Websites are quite less when it comes to bringing multimedia to users. Website cannot use device’s functions such as a contact list, camera, compass, GPS, phone calls, etc.

All these things make the app experience more interactive and cool. Thus, apps decrease the effort and time needed to execute tasks. Being a Mobile App Development in India, Sanjay Technologies offer an advanced feature in mobile application.

Easy to Communicate

Among other features, apps provides an excellent communication platform. While open and click rates of other channels are very low, they are high. After all, they come integrated with more user-friendly and advanced features like push and in-app messages.

These benefits allow brands to immediately communicate with consumers in a better manner. In-app notifications are the finest proof as they appear only when users run an app, showing certain goal.

Offline Capability

One main difference between mobile app and web is the capability to work offline. Yes, most of the application requires an internet connection, but basic content and features usually still function without the internet. This means that the brands can deliver value to consumers at any point in time.

Branding Advantage

This brings us to the closing point: apps strengthen brand presence and increase awareness. As we have mentioned, time spent in apps on constantly increasing and overwhelming web usage. And every encounter with an app is a chance for businesses to develop trust and loyalty.

Over time, these recurring interactions shape brand perceptions and user behavior. Finally, since apps have separated from corporate websites, they can act as a testing ground for different branding tactics. They can deviate from the overall branding style and be a real eye-opener encouraging innovative approaches.


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