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SEO Risks to Take and Avoid

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  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Many business individuals have a difficulty in considering the value of SEO. There are lots of merits and demerits are out there about Search Engine Optimization, and it can actually raise the difficulty of this decision.

Most the SEO tactic will take more months to give the positive results, and the tactics may not make sense for non-SEOers, it can make an important development in a company’s online experience and profits.

The question that rises for everyone is what the SEO risks are, and which should be considered and avoided. Being an SEO Company in Chennai, Sanjay Technologies are sharing SEO Risks to take and avoid.

SEO Risks to Take

Testing Small and Large Changes

The general objective of SEO is to get traffic to your website. If your website gets ranked well for some keywords, but no one is clicking on your link? Then it could be any other reasons for this.

And the only way to do that is take one element at a time, whether it is meta title, descriptions, the content and more, and test them with latest variations. The risk is worth it, because once you find the greatest results, you can continue to focus on that element.

Changing Site’s URL Structure

Always prefer, your website URL should be short, because simple, short, and easily remembered. While optimizing the URL it is important to have targeted keywords and be more detailed about the content of the webpage.

The only risk, here, is impacting on your keyword rankings. As you modify old URLs and make a 301 redirect to the new URL.

Getting High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the most essential part of SEO, and many companies want to obtain as many of them as they can. They help increase rankings and authority. The only risk involved in this backlink is, you will lose little web visitors by providing a link to other high-quality sites, but at the same time, you’re showing Google that you have referenced reliable sites with established authority.  

Just remember, webpages that have low-quality links, spammy content, malicious is at risk of getting penalized by Google. You may also get penalized by getting too many links from those poor-quality sites. Sanjay Techonlogies are an SEO Company in India providing Best SEO Service in Chennai, always looking for high quality backlinks.

Revamping the Website

Once in a while, websites need to get updated and redesigned. Website redesigns can be risky and expensive, not to mention time-consuming.

Just like URL structure, these website revamp come with a risk to your rankings as Google tries to re-evaluate your site.

SEO Risks to Avoid

Disallowing Neutral Backlinks

Neutral backlinks may not give your website the SEO boost it needs, but they also won’t subject your site to Google’s potentially harsh penalties.

The only way to tell if the backlinks to your website are bad, spammy and low-quality is if you’ve noticed that Google has taken manual action on your site.

Using Exact Keywords in Anchor Text

It may seem logical to have your targeted keyword as the anchor text for a link to your website. After all, you want your site to rank for that keyword or phrase.

This way was popular among SEOers in the past who had the same logic. Unluckily, this practice got abused by “black hat” SEOers who used an extreme amount of exact match keyword anchor texts to link to their websites.

Making Too Much SEO Changes to a Site

Obviously, it is a good thought to update the content on your website. In fact, Google likes fresh, updated content. However, continuously changing the web content and the look and feel of your website, will not go unnoticed by your website visitors or Google.

But making too many changes to your website will raise red flags for Google, which will likely see your webpage as suspicious and likely penalize your site.

Deleting Content or Entire Pages

There is no big deal to delete a page from your website, especially a product or service your company has discontinued. Once a page is deleted, the keywords it once ranked for are now getting down.

If you’re merging two pages into one, make sure to include 301 redirects on the old URLs to new one and make sure that all the link juice and traffic isn’t lost.


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