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How Website Design Can Boost Conversion in 2018

Sanjay Technologies
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  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Friday, March 02, 2018

Most of the time the conversion optimization is considered only on inner elements of the website and partially in designing element. But in 2018 we are completely focused on enhancing the design feature. In this post, Sanjay Technologies a Web Design Company in India analyzed towards some critical web design feature to stay and trendy in 2018 and beyond.

Website conversion is one of the most important points of every websites and web application to do the online business. And this conversion factory includes an entire success of website and web applications.

Sorry to say, most of the web designers, especially an e-commerce web designers focusing more shopping process, sales, and checkout process. They miss out the fundamental parts like attracting visitors, engaging them, and retaining them.

Before creating the website it is important to read Things to Consider before Launching a Website. As a Web Development Company in Chennai, clearly explains the essential things for launching a website and how website design can boost conversion rate.

Simple Design Structure

Have you met a professional person? They used to convey their message in straightforward with simple language. Likewise, in web designing you can convey what you do? What you sell? What your business about? For that flat design is the best one with simple design structure.

Responsive Design

A survey on E-commerce has published that most of the online shoppers use Smartphone’s and tablets to shop their needs, instead login on desktop or laptop. Google and other search engines made mobile-friendly website as a major need for ranking on top.

Based on these two factors we conclude that responsive design is the perfect solution for boosting the conversion rate of the website.

Website Loading Speed

Most of the website suffered a lot on this website loading speed factor. Visitor never waits till page load, they immediately skip your website an move on to another website. So it is important to reduce the loading time of your website. A fast loading webpage will always maintain more visitor and assist in the development of conversion rate.

Live Chat Box

If a visitor gets into the website, he /she wants some kind of information or queries about the business or product or service. It’s your responsibility to redirect the visitor to the right path and make them feel comfortable with your support system.

For that, web developer always makes some multiple ways to contact the owner/webmaster or support team like Instant Messenger, Phone call, VOIP, Live Chat, and email. Out of these options, live chat is the best trendy and quickest way to response the person. The main advantage of this live chat is, it improves the fulfillment of the visitors.

Make an Offer & CTA (Call-To-Action)

You may have observed that many 1st time visitors landed on the site and leave the website without getting converted. This lack of conversion generally occurs in an online shopping website, visitors may leave the website without any reason. For that you have to make an offer for the 1st time visitors like free shipping, discount, free samples, etc. Creating this kind of offers makes the visitor to feel not to exit from the website. This feeling will lead to increase in conversion rate.

CTA (Call-To-Action) is a text content placed on the website, it helps the user to do some action on the website. Examples of CTA “Book an Appointment”, “Get a free Quote”, “Get Your Offer”, etc.

Videos and Rich Animations

You may compare the conversion rate of the website have or haven’t Videos/Animation. Website having video/Animation has a huge number of conversion rate. If you place an explainer video or rich kinds of animation, definitely it brings you the number of visitors and increase the conversion rate.

Therefore, most of the website owners or marketers waste their time on marketing budget to bring visitors on the site, but a very few like Sanjay Technologies a Web Design Company in Chennai, think on enhanced designing feature of the website and conversion rate. So it is better to follow these conversion trend in 2018 and satisfy your global clients.


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