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8 Quick SEO Practice to Boost Your Organic Traffic

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  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Thursday, March 15, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to boost your organic traffic to your website, it also helps you filter out non-targeted visitors or audience and enlarge your brand awareness. If you are new to Digital Marketing, here’s a quick overview of SEO Practice.

Sanjay Technologies are the Best SEO Company in Chennai, gathered the most vital and successful elements of SEO. Whether you’re new to SEO, learning for the 1st time or want to refresh your SEO skills, then this complete list of best SEO practices will assist you.

Here you must know How Website Design Can Boost Conversion in 2018 before getting into this SEO Practice.

1. Select an Exact Keywords

Most of the guidelines tell you to start with a keyword research. But what we recommend is, before getting into keyword selection start with researching your target audience. After picking up the targeted audience now it’s time to select targeted keywords. Basically, keyword selection is divided into 3 factors. They are  

 * Monthly search volumes for a specific keyword.

 Competition to rank for specific keywords.

 Terms your audience used to search online.

2. Page Title Optimization

If you want to be an expert in SEO, you need to know how to write good page titles. This page title has two sections. They are

 HTML Page Title Tag – you can see in a search result

 Main Page Title – you can see on top of your web page

3. Optimizing Header Tag

Header Tag the name itself describes that it is a heading of the page, they are hierarchy of HTML tags that are used to create headings on a web page. Starting with H1 tags, each subsequent tag is a subhead like H2, H3, H4, and H5. Optimizing the Header tags is one of the most fundamental SEO practices. Just include your keyword in the page title and confirm that an entire heading explain the purpose of your webpage.

4. URL and Image Optimization

URL Optimization is another essential best SEO practice that helps improve link structure, search ranking, and visitor experience.

Image Optimization is needed to take care for every website. Create a descriptive file name that includes your main keyword, limit the image file size to reduce the load time, Include alt text.

5. Loading Time and Responsiveness

Most search engines include factors like loading time and site responsiveness for search ranking. Your website needs to load quickly and it needs to be responsive for mobile and other device users.

6. Meta Tag Optimization

Meta tag is a short type of information about your website, which helps search engines to understand what your website is about. Here, you’ll be using your targeted keyword. This meta tag includes meta title, description and keywords. All these 3 elements appeared in search results.

7. Upload High-Quality Content

Google’s search quality strategist said that the top three factors for ranking are Content, link and rankbrain. Creating high-quality content is vital to your SEO strategy. Sanjay Technologies, SEO Company in India always create high-quality content for ranking keywords. You can perform all the other SEO practices, but in case of content you should be careful, if you can’t produce excellent content then you’re failed to improve your rankings.

8. Social Media Sharing Buttons

Placing social media sharing buttons can develop your website’s search ranking in better way. It makes easy to share content and pages on your website and also it increases page impressions, clicks and increase the chance of people linking to your content.

If you follow all these SEO practice your website’s performance will increase, able to get search visibility, and it will create a substantial boost in traffic over time.


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