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6 Errors You Should Avoid in UI Design

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  • Sanjay Technologies
  • Saturday, July 14, 2018

Poor UI design definitely makes a serious impact on website traffic. As a designer, you have to keep in mind that a bad design will turn people away from the website and a well design website always keep people to come back to the website.

The UI design field is still growing, so developers often make mistakes during designs that have a lasting impact. Sanjay Technologies is a Web Designing Company in Chennai, guides to keep some of these 7 Errors You Should Avoid in UI Design.

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1. Use Identical Patterns in Your Design

Identical design elements for UI design have been usually distributed. But, these identical things are boring. Whether it is the interior of a building or the design of a website, users will become inevitably uninterested in patterns.

Patterns can be a useful way to save time. They can prevent designers from requiring to build and develop UI designs from scratch.

But, some designers also observe patterns as a technique to resolve problems. It is risky to become dependent on patterns, as it will limit your UI design.

2. Improper Use of Grid

Moreover, all UI design needs a grid. These grids are required for a structured design, UI designers should avoid relying too heavily on them. Most of the UI Design Company in Chennai is limiting the usage of grid in the design.

The function of a grid is to serve as a foundation for the website and design tool that produces easy navigation. A grid is a best way to keep a website organized and reasonable, but you can still have the choice to develop a creative design.

3. Too Gripped with Rules

Graphic design has a definite set of rule that many designers are unwilling to deviate from. Stepping away from the rules is a risky choice that most of the UI Design Company in India does not want to take.

Designers need to bear in mind that the rules are guidelines, not requirements. You must find a technique to respect and tackle the rules without letting them limit you.

4. Misunderstanding Typefaces

One of the things that most of the people try to give fast tips on is fonts. They say that certain fonts should never be used. Statements like these are false.

There are no rules on type, text, and font use. And there is no particular font that never effective, as long as users can understand and read it.

5. Creating an Irregular Style

As a UI designer, it is essential to include a consistent style throughout the website. Similar to font variation, there is a clear line between confusing irregularity and exciting changes.

You do not want your design to have the accurate same pattern throughout the entire website, as this will quickly bore any users and make your website unattractive.

6. Mistreat of Contrast

Most of the design experts warn against using too little contrast, as it creates the website harder to read. But, it is also essential to avoid using too much contrast. High contrast images are appealing and very intriguing.

Added they are also one of the ways to obtain people to explore the website. But the high contrast visuals rapidly lose their impact if every visual is high contrast.


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